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My Photography Journey

Combine Easter Concert 2011

Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Event, Photography | 0 comments

Combine Easter Concert 2011 is a concert with all the churches combine in celebration of Easter, with the theme “Mighty To Save”. It was a big celebration as the hall was filled up; almost full. Youths gathered, music played, praise and worship. All performance was done by the different churches’ representatives. Here’s a few photo for your enjoyment. [Show as slideshow] 1 2 ... 5...

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Youth Easter Soiree 2011

Posted by on May 3, 2011 in Photography | 0 comments

Recently, the FIAT Youth Miri got together to organise the Youth Easter Soiree. ‘Soiree’ means celebration and this was the celebration for Easter for Youth by Youth. The whole evening to night was filled with games, speeches, praise and worship, food and lucky...

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Christmas Parade 2010

Posted by on Dec 31, 2010 in Event, Photography | 1 comment

Recently all the churches in Miri came together for a Christmas celebration and parade at the Miri City Fan. There were two invited singers for the celebration – Vince (Akademi Fantasia season 1 winner) and True Worshippers (Christian Indonesian band). And there was invited guests, ranging from the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister to our local YBs. It was truly an event where you can see hundreds or thousands of Christian gathering together. Besides that, there was a 20ft Christmas tree. Here’s a few shots of the event:...

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Sony 1 Light Creative Flash Workshop 2010

Posted by on Oct 3, 2010 in Photography | 1 comment

Just attended a class by Sony on 1 Light Creative Flash Workshop. This is my first (of many I hope to come) Sony workshop. The trainer was Wesley Wong. Here are a few shots from the...

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Curtin Open Day 2010 – Get Curious!

Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Event, Photography | 0 comments

Curtin Open Day for 2010 happened on 18 September. It a fun-filled day with lots of activities happening in one day; Kiddies’ Corner, Sponsors’ Booth, Student Clubs Booth, Main Stage performances, Cultural performances, Charity and Community Corner, Kite Festival, etc… I managed to meet a few friends and new ones....

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