DIY: Kit Box

DIY: Kit Box

With accessories filling up your bag, there comes a space issue for my camera sling bag. Therefore, I found my belt box and saw that it would fit perfectly with all my accessories (for now..I guess).

So, in my Kit Box contains:

  • Cleaning cloth (from my phone protector cleaner)
  • Pendrive (it comes in handy when you need songs or even copy stuff in a workshop or outing)
  • safety plug key (it comes in handy when charging equipments or whenever situation requires it)
  • cotton swab (in the small blue box. It’s used for cleaning connectors, or perhaps something else)
  • Pen (useful for writing down items. The note book is in my camera sling bag)
  • LensPen
  • Card reader
  • Extra SD card (I got three extra though)
  • Extra batteries
  • DIY bounce card
  • DIY Velcro band

So far that’s what I have in my Kit Box.


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