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My Photography Journey

DIY: Bounce Card

Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in DIY, Photography | 0 comments

After creating DIY Velcro band, I got to clean my room and found a bounce card look-a-like. It was from an empty box with lots of small cardboard. So I figured, just cover it with white paper to create a bounce card. And it was the same size as my flash (almost). First, cut out the cardboard into the shape of the flash. Then cover it with a white paper. After that, attach a Velcro tape to the cardboard. You can staple or glue it to the cardboard. At the end, you can attach with the Velcro band for my flash. Notice that I used staples again, but facing outwards to avoid scratches. And it fits, kinda, well with my Velcro band and adjustable by height....

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DIY: Kit Box

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 in DIY, Photography | 0 comments

With accessories filling up your bag, there comes a space issue for my camera sling bag. Therefore, I found my belt box and saw that it would fit perfectly with all my accessories (for now..I guess). So, in my Kit Box contains: Cleaning cloth (from my phone protector cleaner) Pendrive (it comes in handy when you need songs or even copy stuff in a workshop or outing) safety plug key (it comes in handy when charging equipments or whenever situation requires it) cotton swab (in the small blue box. It’s used for cleaning connectors, or perhaps something else) Pen (useful for writing down items. The note book is in my camera sling bag) LensPen Card reader Extra SD card (I got three extra though) Extra batteries DIY bounce card DIY Velcro band So far that’s what I have in...

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DIY : Velcro Band

Posted by on Dec 7, 2010 in DIY, Photography | 0 comments

Recently I did a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) for Velcro band. Reason being, I wanted to try out a bounce card, I got a coloured gel and holder, and my bag was getting small for all these stuff. And the items used are reusable making the DIY an affordable one. Now, instead of one camera sling bag, now I’m carrying two bags (depending on the occasion). Here’s  some sharing on my DIY day. Items used: Elastic band (which I got from my mum’s sewing kit) Stapler Velcro tape (bought from the 99 cent store) By measuring the length of my flash head, Velcro tape and elastic band, put them together with tightening on the elastic band, I get this: Notice that I stapled it facing outwards instead? Reason being, so that there won’t be scratches on my flash when I put...

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